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My journey

Hey there! I'm Larissa. i'm 17, and this is my weightloss journey. any advice or support is greatly appreciated. Stay beautiful!


I’m sorry you guys have to deal with such an emotional person. With the highest highs and lowest lows. I have the lowest self esteem of anyone know and as much as I hate to show it, even the smallest things hurt. The other day my “friend” nick basically told me I was ugly while stating how hot my best friend was. Its bad enough that I can’t take her anywhere without her getting hit on. Guys come up to me to ask about her. But the fact that NICK was being that asshole upset me. And my brother has been a hello of a douche too. Telling me that if I really wAnted to lose weight that I would work harder and
telling me that I need to stop complaining and do something with myself. Because he just as unaccepting of me as I am to my self.
On a brighter note I have a pre interview with Starbucks. think ill getbthe job? I’m a little nervous :O